Aug 062014

“Travel Photography In The Moment”

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One day, I randomly decided to photograph my iced coffee.  I pulled off in an office park and found a secluded place. Anyone seeing me would certainly think I was ‘odd’.  I found this storm grate and my eyes lit up with the awesome patterns that emerged as I sat the cup down.  I loved it!  No one else in the world may see what I see, but it was worth capturing to me.

I’m always interested in what others photograph. In my mind, I assess what caused them to see that shot and take it. What did they see thru their creative eyes that made it worthy of capturing?  I imagine they are proud of what they shot.  

Just like ordering your favorite coffee drink, it’s a matter of taste.  Learning what style of photography and subject brings out your most creative instincts will produce your most inspired photographs.  I know wedding photography is not my strong point.  After two attempts resulting in extreme stress, I recognized weddings were not my ‘thing’.  For others, creating amazing memories for brides and grooms are their moments of brilliance.

Travel photography has always been my favorite genre much like an iced coffee is my favorite coffee.  Then one day, I ordered an iced macchiatto!  Espresso and milk, together and yet separate until I swirled them together. My pursuit in the genre of travel photography is similar. Documenting my travels thru photos of landscapes, nature, tourist attractions and culture are the things that I find speak to me.  They were my iced coffee.

As I’ve grown as a travel blogger, I’ve discovered a greater understanding of bringing more of the story behind the photo to life. Swirling the ‘espresso’ of the photo and ‘milk’ of the story together.  Creating a deeper richer photographic taste, than I previously understood, is an amazing next step in my journey.  Where is your photographic journey taking you?


“Learning your photography tastes is a journey of discovery. Explore your creative instincts.” 


Travel Far and Inspire Others!

Nancie Lee

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