Don’t Look Back! There’s A New Year Ahead to Succeed!

Are You Setting Resolutions or Goals?

In December, I start the usual contemplation of my New Year resolutions.  2016 was a transitional year for me.  Moving from Louisiana to New Mexico during the summer opened up many changes.  Many are good.  Some are challenges.  As this year is ending, I step back to look at the big picture.  Where do I want to succeed in 2017?

Succeeding can come in many forms.  Finances, relationships, travel, health and personal improvement…the list goes on.  Yearly resolutions, although well-meaning, for many don’t last very long.  Resolving to make changes is an intention to change.  Creating goals for change goes beyond intent and incorporates definable actions.  Resolutions must have goals to ultimately succeed.

One “goal” I’ve had for most of my adult life is going to Italy.  Obviously, since I haven’t gone yet, the goal hasn’t had much action directed toward it. Goal setting 101, set action steps to follow or you go no where.

A GOAL without a PLAN is just a WISH. 

Antione de Saint-Exupery

This year my main goal is to make a 3 month trip to Europe (including Italy) happen in early 2018.  Like so many wanderlusters, sitting home is extremely hard for me.  I want to see and do!!  For the most part, taking short trips has staved off wanderlust depression.  Always thinking, someday I will make it to Italy, Australia, Peru, and the list goes on.

Leaving it to someday isn’t working for me any more.  Seeing my country count increase is a HUGE incentive. Second only to more country stamps in my passport. Anticipating all the amazing cultural experiences sets my brain in overdrive!  

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First step ~ Which countries and in what order?  I want to see everything and will undoubtedly overestimate what I can do in the time frame. (Bad habit of mine.)  From there, start reading what other bloggers did to reach financial goals for an extended trip.  I see a spreadsheet in my future!

With a little over a year to plan steps to meet this goal, I’m documenting as I go.  There are thousands who have done this before me, but this is my journey uniquely seen thru my eyes.  If they can help me succeed, then maybe I can help someone in the future.  Isn’t that how the world should work?

Preparing to go is a journey in itself.  Although I have traveled overseas in the past, I didn’t document the journey leading up to the journey.  This time is different.  I’m excited to have you join me!

Are you excited about a goal you’ve set for 2017?

Travel Far ~ Inspire Others!

Nancie Lee

Nancie Lee

Nancie Lee is a freelance photographer and inspired writer with an insatiable desire to explore the world. Her website, Aperture Of My Soul combines her love for photography with her love of travel. Engaging others to pursue their greatest authentic life, she inspires them to "adventure boldly on their journey".

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