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Playing With Fire – Baton Rouge Fire Guild

Practice Makes Perfect Friday nights on the Baton Rouge levee are flaming hot!  No, not the temperature (well, yes it can be.) The flames and colors are the Baton Rouge Fire Guild practicing their artistry.  The group of young local...

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Chauvin Sculpture Garden – An Artist’s Journey

Suffering and Solitude One of my favorite resources to find unusual and eclectic places to visit is Atlas Obscura.  They search the globe for places that piqué the curiosity.  The Chauvin Sculpture Garden in Chauvin, Louisiana.  Chauvin is on Bayou...

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Busted Wrench Garage – Museum of Classic Cars

Passion and Power I won’t even PRETEND to know a lot about classic cars.  I know their names, but can’t say much more than that.  Busted Wrench Garage Museum in Gulf Port, MS is a gem born from John Hans’...

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Experiencing the Roving Village Music Box

Creating Music In the Most Unusual Way Sunday in the park has never been quite like this!  The Roving Village Music Box was finishing a six-week visit in New Orleans City Park.  My friends Caroline and Sean of Grow Me...

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