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Salinas Pueblo Missions – Gran Quivira

Along the Salt Missions Trail – Part 2 New Mexico’s rich history is full of many transformations.  In the central area of New Mexico lay three Salinas Pueblo Missions ruins: Quarai, Gran Quivira and Abo. Gran Quivira, also known as...

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Rosedown Gardens – Two Women’s Passion for Beauty

Their Creative Vision Still Blooms I’ve lived in Louisiana for almost 12 years.  Without a doubt, my favorite season here is spring. When the azaleas start blooming, I’m out the door to visit some of the plantations and botanical gardens....

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The Other (Little Known) Mardi Gras Festivals in Louisiana

Courir de Mardi Gras   Mardi Gras is all about fancy floats and catching your fair share of beads. Right? Well, in some areas of Louisiana it has a very different appearance. Louisiana’s French heritage still runs deep within the...

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Hanging Around Chloride Ghost Town

The Rebuilding of a Ghost Town The Wild, Wild West – who doesn’t love tales of gun slingers, gold & silver mines, saloon brawls and riding into the sunset?  Chloride, New Mexico embodied all that made up a pioneer town...

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