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Enchanting Tulum Watches Over the Caribbean Sea

“Exploring This Seaside Jewel” During my most recent trip to Mexico, I wanted to explore some ruins I’ve never visited.  Traveling solo, I decided to hire a driver for my day of ruin exploring. Leaving early, my first stop was...

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A Traveler’s Happy Mother’s Day!

On Mother’s Day, we look back and see areas where our Moms shaped our lives.  I can say without a doubt my mom taught me about being ready when you travel.  Both my parents loved to travel and in those...

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AtoZChallenge – A thru F

Signing up for the AtoZChallenge sounded fun, but left me apprehensive.  I’m still working on being an everyday blogger. Working full-time slows me down.  I’m sharing photos from my travels, near and far. It will be curious to see if...

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Pyramid Climbing – Not for the Faint of Heart

  I’ve visited Mexico several times in my life.  As a child my family drove all over Mexico exploring.  That was my first exposure to Mayan pyramids. I vaguely remember climbing El Castillo, the main pyramid at Chichen Itza with...

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